This configuration variable controls whether a warning message is printed and an error raised for the following conditions:

  1. when non-numeric data is used in a context where numeric data is required
  2. when there is a reference modification range error

By default, the runtime silently corrects reference modification range errors as follows:

WARNINGS can take the following values:

0 (off, false, no) No warning is printed.
1 (on, true, yes) A warning is printed. This is the default.
2 A warning is printed or sent to the error file. If you are in the debugger, an automatic breakpoint occurs.
3 For a non-numeric error, a warning is printed, an intermediate error is generated that calls the installed error procedures, if any, and the runtime is halted. For more information on error procedures, see CBL_ERROR_PROC in Appendix I.
Note: The setting you select for WARNINGS applies to reference modifier range errors when the start plus length reference is past the end of the item. Reference modifiers that are equal to or less than zero are always silently corrected as described above.