This variable tells the runtime system the name of the directory that contains the data dictionaries built by the ACUCOBOL-GT compiler. The default value is the current directory.

For example, to tell the runtime that the dictionaries are stored in the directory /usr/inventory/dictionaries you would enter:

xfd_directory   /usr/inventory/dictionaries

See also the -Fo compile-time option, which tells the compiler where to put the dictionaries. Unless you have moved the dictionaries, you should use the same value for XFD_DIRECTORY that you used with the -Fo option.

If you have embedded an XFD file in an object library, the runtime will read that file instead of an XFD file that has the same name but is stored in the directory specified by XFD_DIRECTORY. The exception to this is when the XFD_DIRECTORY configuration variable uses remote name notation.