The following sample command line creates a library called mylib that consists of two ACUCOBOL-GT objects named prog1.acu and prog2.acu:

cblutil -lib -v -o mylib prog1.acu prog2.acu

You can add a comment to the object library. The comment is visible when you use the -info command to retrieve information about the object library:

cblutil -lib -o mylib -c "My comment" prog1.acu prog2.acu

Alternatively, you can add a comment using an escape character instead of quotation marks as follows:

cblutil -lib -o mylib -c My\ new\ comment prog1.acu prog2.acu

Wild cards are permitted:

cblutil -lib -v -o mylib prog1.acu otherdir/*.*

To add modules to an existing library, do not use the -o argument. For example, to add prog3.acu and prog4.acu to mylib, do this:

cblutil -lib -v mylib prog3.acu prog4.acu
Note: There is no way to remove an object module from a library. For this reason, we recommend that you create object libraries after all of the programs involved have been fully debugged.