Creating Remote Object Libraries

If AcuServer or AcuConnect is running on a remote machine, cblutil can read remote objects and write a remote library. The syntax rules that apply to specifying remote object libraries with cblutil are the same as those for compiling to remote object libraries with the compiler. See Remote File Name Handling for details.

This capability allows you to create a remote library from local object files or to create a local or remote library from remote object files.

With cblutil, you can also use the regular AcuServer syntax for referring to the remote files. This syntax is not allowed with the compiler because the @ symbol is reserved for another purpose. See Accessing Remote Files for more information.

Note: You cannot use wildcard characters to create a library from a collection of remote object files.

In the process of creating a remote library, cblutil overwrites the named library at the beginning of the operation. Then if something fails during the process, the library is removed. For that reason, you may consider creating a backup copy of the named library before executing the build library command. (Incidentally, when creating a local library, cblutil creates a temporary library first. Only after the new library has been successfully compiled is the (existing) named library removed and replaced by the new library.)