Specifying File Attributes in Advance

vutil  -gen  [ -3456 ]  [ -q ]  list  directory

The non-interactive version of gen allows you to specify a file (list) that contains the attributes for one or more new files. The format of list is described below.

The directory parameter names the directory in which the new files are to be created. Each file is tested to see if it exists before it is created. If it does exist, and it is a Vision file, then it is left untouched. Thus, you can use the "gen" function to generate missing files from a directory without having to first save the ones that are there.

The file list consists of one or more file entries, one per line. Each entry pertains to exactly one file and consists of a series of fields.

The list file can have one of two formats: a format for creating relative and sequential files, and a format for creating Vision Version 3 or later files (documented below).

For indexed files, the fields are divided into five groups, separated with semicolons. Fields within each group are separated with commas.

For relative and sequential files, the fields are all separated with commas.