Pro*COBOL Alias Example

Add an alias
Enter the alias name: alias-procob
Enter the name of the precompiler: procob
Enter precompiler options: iname=B_INPUT oname=B_OUTPUT >B_ERROR 2>&1
Enter precompiler directives: EXEC SQL
Enter required precompiler extension if any:
Press <Return> to continue...

Since Pro*COBOL has the following options to specify the input and output files:


the name of the Pro*COBOL input file can be specified by the B_INPUT keyword and the name of the output file can be specified by the B_OUTPUT keyword. Since Pro*COBOL does not have an option to specify an error output file, the >B_ERROR 2>&1 redirects the output that normally would be displayed on the screen to the file associated with the B_ERROR keyword.

EXEC SQL is specified as the precompiler directive since Pro*COBOL uses this phrase to begin its Pro*COBOL statements.