CICS Alias Example

Add an alias
Enter the alias name: alias-cicstran
Enter the name of the precompiler: cicstran
Enter precompiler options: -l ACUCOB -O B_OUTPUT B_INPUT >B_ERROR 2>&1
Enter precompiler directives: EXEC CICS
Enter required precompiler extension if any: .ccp
Press <Return> to continue...

The -l ACUCOB option is required with CICS. This parameter tells cicstran to precompile the source file in a manner that is compatible with ACUCOBOL-GT.

Since CICS uses the -o option to specify the output file, it can be specified by the B_OUTPUT keyword. The name of the input file is specified by the B_INPUT keyword. CICS does not have an option to specify an error output file, the >B_ERROR 2>&1 redirects the error output from the screen to the file associated with the B_ERROR keyword.

EXEC SQL is specified as the precompiler directive since CICS uses this phrase to begin its CICS statements.

CICS requires that the source file have an extension of .ccp so it is specified as the required precompiler extension.