Windows Console Runtime

The Windows console runtime (crun32.exe) is a 32-bit Windows runtime that provides support for applications originally developed for Extended DOS and other character-based systems. The console runtime uses the Windows Console API and runs in a virtual DOS window. The Windows console runtime is sold and licensed separately.

The console runtime includes support for:

Although the console runtime is designed to run ACUCOBOL-GT applications developed for Extended DOS, your applications may require some modifications. For example, the console runtime supports printing capabilities based on the Windows model. Programs that rely on DOS printing functions must be changed. You should examine your applications for the use of DOS functions that are not supported in the Windows environment.

Two runtime configuration variables allow you to tune the execution environment: DOS_SYS_EMULATE and DOS_BOX_CHARS. For details, see their respective entries in Appendix H.

Note: Should you need to relink the console runtime, see Relinking the Runtime System in A Guide to Interoperating with ACUCOBOL-GT.