Product Overview

ACUCOBOL-GT is part of the extend® family of Micro Focus solutions. ACUCOBOL-GT is an ANSI® 1985 COBOL compiler that also includes components of the ANSI X3.23a-1989 supplement. It is a powerful development environment for a wide range of computers.

Fast compile speed, clear error messages, and a multi-window source level debugger work together to provide a high-performance, easy-to-use COBOL development platform.

Portable object code, a generic interface to a variety of file systems, and a device-independent terminal interface help to simplify the distribution of applications developed with ACUCOBOL-GT.

In addition to portable object code, ACUCOBOL-GT can generate and execute object files that contain native instructions for specific types of processors. This enables you to optimize the use of CPU resources on the host machine while maintaining full portability within the same family of processors.

Installation instructions for all computer types are provided in Getting Started. The compiler, the run time, and some utility programs have different names, depending on the host system. Basically, the compiler is ccbl, the run time is runcbl, and the utilities are vutil, vio, logutil and cblutil.

Note: References to Windows in this manual denote any of the supported Windows platforms, which are listed in the Product Availability section on the Micro Focus SupportLine Web site: Where it is necessary to make a distinction, the specific version name/number is specified.

ACUCOBOL-GT is a single-pass compiler that produces an object file.

The object file is ready for immediate execution by the ACUCOBOL-GT run time. No linking step is required.