User Interface Programming

The User Interface Programming part of the ACUCOBOL-GT documentation set includes the following:

Introduction Introduces floating windows and graphical controls, details interface programming issues and approaches, and describes basic windowing concepts.
Floating Windows Introduces the properties of moveable, floating windows.
Graphical Controls Introduces graphical control properties, details the use of bitmap buttons and paged list boxes.
Supporting Concepts and Related Issues Discusses a variety of issues on using floating windows and graphical controls.
Control Types Reference Describes control components, and the special properties of each control type.
Events Reference Describes the events that the ACUCOBOL-GT run time can return to the program.
Using the Mouse Describes how to use the automatic and programmable mouse functions available in ACUCOBOL-GT.
Menu Bars and Pop-Up Menus Describes the process of creating, integrating, and managing program menu bars and pop-up menus.
Color Mapping Describes program and environment configuration to take advantage of color display devices.
Help Automation Describes how to use the syntax extensions and run time functions that support context-sensitive help.
Tips and Hints Answers commonly asked interface programming questions, and questions about using floating windows and controls.
UI Terminology     Defines common user interface terms.