Method Two: The Default Method

The default method uses the regular file name to determine the file names of additional segments. This method stores the segment number in the extension of the file name. If you use the extension of the file name to distinguish files that are otherwise named the same, you should not use this method.

This method takes the regular file name and removes the extension (if any) from that name. It then adds .vix to generate the name for the first index segment. Subsequent index segments are named with .v01 through .vff (hexadecimal representation) for the first 255, and .v0100 through .vffff for segments 256 through 65536. The data segments are named using a similar numbering scheme, but use d instead of v before the segment number.

You should avoid using file name extensions that can be considered as d or v followed by a hexadecimal number. For example, the extension .dae is not safe, because that is the name of the 175th data segment. The common extension .dat is safe because t is not a hexadecimal digit.