Alternate Terminal Manager

The Alternate Terminal Manager (ATM) runtime is a special 32-bit Windows runtime that allows you to use a 32-bit Windows server in much the same way that many UNIX servers are used. With the ATM runtime, you can telnet to the Windows server (with a third-party telnet service) to execute character-based ACUCOBOL-GT programs in the telnet window. However, the ATM runtime does not support program execution in the console window of the Windows server. The ATM runtime is licensed and installed separately from the standard ACUCOBOL-GT Windows (graphical) runtime.

All major runtime functionality, except graphical support, is available with the ATM runtime. Because it is for character-based programs, certain Windows-specific features, such as pop-up dialog boxes, are not supported. Note that the ATM runtime automatically detects and uses Acu4GL DLLs, if present, and it supports calls to other DLLs.

Note: See Relinking the Runtime System if you need to relink the ATM runtime.