The WRAP variable controls whether line wrapping is allowed. Normally, a DISPLAY statement that does not fit onto one line will wrap around to the next line. When WRAP is set to zero, this does not occur and the DISPLAY statement is truncated at the end of the line. Also, ACUCOBOL-GT normally wraps around to bring the column position specified for an ACCEPT or DISPLAY statement onto the screen. If WRAP is set to zero, the cursor location becomes undefined.

Note: If WRAP or SCROLL is set to zero, the screen cursor location can be placed into an undefined state. This can occur, for example, if the WRAP setting causes a DISPLAY statement to truncate. This would leave the cursor conceptually just off the right edge of the screen. When this occurs, ACUCOBOL-GT inhibits further DISPLAY statements until the cursor is placed back on the screen via one of the normal positioning rules (ACUCOBOL-GT continues to track the cursor's logical location). Should an ACCEPT statement execute in an undefined location, ACUCOBOL-GT places the ACCEPT field in the home position of the current window.