The Terminal Manager can support terminals that support ANSI-style attribute handling. This style allows for independent setting of the background and foreground colors and does not interfere with the setting of other video attributes such as underlining. Color terminals that meet these criteria can enable color by adding entries to turn on the various foreground and background colors. Use the following table of attribute codes to set the correct color entries; if your terminal has fewer than eight colors, you should still make all eight entries for both foreground and background, repeating colors as necessary:

Foreground    Background    Color
C1 B1 Black
C2 B2 Blue
C3 B3 Green
C4 B4 Cyan
C5 B5 Red
C6 B6 Magenta   
C7 B7 Brown
C8 B8 White

Terminal definitions for color terminals do not need the RV, RB, and RU entries, because the Terminal Manager sends the appropriate foreground and background color codes instead.