Note: For backward compatibility with products earlier than extend 10, use the B$ prefix to call the function, instead of B_. From extend 10 onwards, B$ is deprecated.

This function allows the service program to control the length of time that BIS waits for a request before considering a session to be abandoned.

A timer is started in a session when each request is processed for that session. If a new request is not received before the timer elapses, any active services in that session are terminated and the session is terminated.

If a request is subsequently received for a terminated session, BIS creates a new session.

The syntax of this function call is:

Call "B_SetInactivityTimeout" using TimeoutInSeconds giving BIS-Status.

where TimeoutInSeconds may be:

The BIS-Status result field and the result codes are defined in BISDEF.CPY. Here are the most common return codes:

  Event Description
BIS-Success The call is successful.
BIS-Fail-SessionAbandoned Service termination is already being requested because the BIS session inactivity timeout period has elapsed without a request. This function call has no effect.
BIS-Fail-SessionComplete Service termination is requested because a SessionComplete tag was rendered. This function call had no effect.
BIS-Fail-ServiceComplete Service termination is requested because a StopService tag was rendered. This function call had no effect.