Web Runtime Integration

The ACUCOBOL-GT Web Runtime is enabled for Acu4GL. In essence, if an Acu4GL ".dll" file is in the path and the Acu4GL license with the same base name is in the Web runtime directory, and the appropriate configuration file options are set, the Web runtime can take advantage of the acu4GL interface. The particular .dll files for supported 32-bit runtimes are as follows:

a4ora32.dll - Acu4GL for Oracle

a4sql32.dll - Acu4GL for Microsoft SQL Server

a4syb32.dll - Acu4GL for Sybase

a4db232.dll - Acu4GL for DB2

a4odbc32.dll - Acu4GL for ODBC

Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.5 Service Pack 2 and above supports the ACUCOBOL-GT Web Runtime. For more information regarding the ACUCOBOL-GT Web Runtime, please consult the Programmer's Guide to the Internet user manual.