XML Extensions - Gauge

Because of dashboard popularity, gauge widgets are popular. This widget has several features that make it useful in a dashboard mashup. While bar charts and pie charts can display many values, a gauge generally shows only one value, or a very few values at most. Therefore, most of the gauge control resides with the presentation, rather than data values. This widget allows up to nine pointers, and the data presented is the percent-of-scale value. In addition, you can divide scales into different colored segments The gauge example (gauge.cbl) uses the familiar red-yellow-green segmentation.

Note: For this stylesheet to work, you need trignm.xsl which can be found at http://fxsl.sourceforge.net. This example was tested with the version of trignm.xsl found in fxsl-MS-1.1.zip (see the download area of the referenced site). FXSL has an accumulation of XSLT knowledge.