About AcuBench Documentation

All AcuBench functions and capabilities and directions for their use are documented in this AcuBench User’s Guide. The topics in this guide are organized into the following general areas:

Introducing AcuBench Documentation sections include:
  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Workbench Concepts
  • Customize Your Working Environment
  • Version Control
Working with Projects Documentation sections include:
  • Working with Projects
  • Project Settings
Working with Data Files Includes Working with Data at the Project Level
Working with Programs Includes Working with Programs
Program File Handling Includes Working with Data at the Program Level
Editing Source Code Documentation sections include:
  • Configuring the Code Editor
  • Working with Source Code
Working with Screens Documentation sections include:
  • Configuring the Screen Designer
  • Working with Screens
  • Controls, Menus, and Toolbars
Working with Reports Documentation sections include:
  • Configuring the Report Composer
  • Working with Reports
  • The Report Controls and Property Reference
Helpful Tools Documentation sections include:
  • Working with ACUCOBOL-GT Utilities
  • The AcuBench Integrated Debugger
  • Looking for Something?: Search and Replace
Reference Documentation sections include:
  • Toolbar Reference
  • Keyboard Reference Shortcut
Bringing Existing Code into AcuBench Appendix A

Accessing on-line documentation

You can access the online version of the AcuBench User’s Guide by selecting Help > extend Documentation Set from the drop-down menu. This also provides access to the other individual manuals of the extend documentation set, including the ACUCOBOL-GT four-book manual set.

AcuBench also provides extended support for context-sensitive help. Click or highlight the text, control, property, or other item about which you wish to learn more, then press F1 in any part of the IDE. AcuBench opens the most appropriate page of the associated reference or user’s guide that it can locate.

For example, if you are designing a screen and click a push button control, then press F1, the ACUCOBOL-GT documentation opens in your default Web browser, showing the page from the ACUCOBOL-GT User Interface Programming manual that contains information about the attributes and properties of push button controls.

This context-sensitive help provides especially detailed information in the following interfaces:

  • Code Editor
  • Event Editor
  • Screen Designer Property Window
  • Project > Settings dialog

Any time that a manual is open in your Web browser, you can use the full-text search facility to navigate to the information you need. If you have reached the manual through the context-sensitive help facility, you can bring up the table of contents by clicking the Show In Contents button at the top, right-hand corner of the documentation frame.