ACUCOBOL-GT releases earlier than 3.0 have a bug in the Screen Section where exiting the last field via an arrow causes that field's EXCEPTION procedure to trigger instead of its AFTER procedure. All other fields in the Screen Section triggered AFTER procedures.

Some code may rely on this issue. This issue was addressed in ECN-703, which changes the behavior so the AFTER procedure triggers instead of the EXCEPTION procedure.

This configuration variable accommodates that code. Set it to TRUE (ON, YES, 1) to simulate the behavior in release 2.4 and earlier, so exiting the last field via an arrow in the Screen Section triggers the field's EXCEPTION procedure. Set to FALSE (OFF, NO, 0) to use the behavior implemented in ECN-702 for release 3.0 and later.

Because this behavior is considered a bug, using the -C24 option to simulate 2.4 semantics does not trigger this enhancement. You must use this configuration variable.

Note: In release 3.1.2, V24_SCREEN_SECTIONS also enables ECN-664. This ECN corrects a problem where using ARROW UP out of a Screen Section did not work. This change was not tested in the 3.1.2 beta release, so it depends on this configuration option in order to shield users from any unexpected side-effects.