Configuring the Service Engine Options

When the script is run, it will display the following prompt to give you the option to modify the default options for the Service Engine's configuration.

Do you want to configure BIS Service Engine options? [y]

Entering N will accept the default options and proceed with the installation. Accepting the default for this prompt will result in the following messages being displayed:

Current Service Engine options:
    1 User to run services as?   .   .   .   .    bis
    2 Timezone?  .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .    CST06CDT
    3 Default inactivity timeout, in seconds?     600
    4 Default service timeout, in seconds?   .    30
    5 Maximum number of service processes?   .    100
    6 Maximum number of request handler sessions? 200
    7 Name of temp directory?    .   .   .   .    /var/tmp
    8 Name of log files directory?   .   .   .    /var/tmp/bislogs
    X Done editing the Service Engine options

The following prompt will then be displayed:

If you would like to change an option, enter its number.  Press Enter to
redisplay the list of options.  Otherwise, enter 'X' to continue [R]: 

If there is an option that you wish to change, enter its number and press Enter. For example, entering 1 will result in the following prompt:

User to run services as? [bis]

Enter the new desired value or accept the default. The prompt requesting the option to change will be displayed again. Enter R or just press Enter to review your changes. Enter a number to make more changes. Enter X to save your changes and proceed with the installation.