Setting Up Accounts

As you configure AcuServer, you need to establish user accounts on the Windows NT, Windows 2000 - 2008 host system. This section lists some key considerations for performing this activity. For specific instructions on setting up user accounts, refer to your operating system documentation.

When setting up user accounts, determine whether each user will have a unique account, or whether groups of users will share an account (such as Accounting) on the server. The table below shows some tradeoffs to help you make that decision:

Feature Individual Accounts Group Accounts
Security is configured user-by-user. yes  
Log files can track usage by individual user. yes  
Requires Administrator to create an account for every user. yes  
Existing configuration and permissions are easily changed.   yes
Quickly configure a large group of users who need identical access to the same resources.   yes
Easily grant identical access to a bank of machines shared by a department.   yes
Note: Members of a group can be logged on simultaneously with the same account.

If you choose group accounts on the server, users may still have individual accounts on their client machines. The username returned by ACCEPT FROM SYSTEM-INFO will be the local (client) login-ID.

The acuserve service is usually run as the SYSTEM account. If you need to change the account used by the acuserve service, be sure that the new account has all of the appropriate permissions for a file server.