Use this variable to only include certain files being logged in the transaction log file.

If you want to include multiple patterns, specify each pattern on a separate line. The following example only records transactions for the two specified files within the log file:
LOG_INCLUDE_PATTERN /usr/dats/accounts.dat
LOG_INCLUDE_PATTERN /usr/dats/staff.dat
Note: You can also include files based on a glob pattern: use ? (single character) and * (any number of characters).

To reset the patterns in effect (i.e. remove them), use the SET verb within a COBOL program to set the variable to SPACES.

The LOG_EXCLUDE_PATTERN and LOG_INCLUDE_PATTERN variables are mutually exclusive. LOG_INCLUDE_PATTERN only has an effect when no exclude patterns are specified. By default, none of these variables are set, and all transactions for all files are recorded in the log file.