This variable affects the behavior of XML Extensions on UNIX (it is ignored on Windows). The value specifies the local encoding of data and is thus ignored when the XML SET ENCODING statement sets the encoding to UTF-8. The values XMLIF_LATIN_1 and XMLIF_LATIN_9 designate one of the built-in encodings corresponding to Latin-1 or Latin-9, respectively. The value is case insensitive and hyphens and underscores are optional in either of these two predefined values. The default is XMLIF_LATIN_9. The value can be something other than an equivalent of XMLIF_LATIN_1 or XMLIF_LATIN_9, in which case the name must be one recognized by a user provided iconv library (a shared object). See help for the configuration variable A_XMLIF_ICONV_NAME for information on specifying the iconv library location. See the Using XML Extensions documentation in A Guide to Interoperating with ACUCOBOL-GT > Working with Non-vision Data > Working with XML Data for information on character encoding in XML extensions.