Setup Differences

Because of the increased functionality of AcuXDBC, the procedures for setting up and configuring AcuXDBC differ from AcuODBC. The following chart compares setup methods and highlights key differences between AcuXDBC versus AcuODBC. It also describes where to look for detailed information pertaining to the stated difference.

AcuXDBC AcuODBC Differences
Install software Install software AcuXDBC uses Microsoft Installer. See Installation and Licensing.
Create XFDs Create XFDs No major difference in creating your XFDs. If you already have XFDs from previous versions of AcuODBC or other products, these can be reused.
Set configuration variables in the configuration file Set configuration variables in AcuODBC DSN Setup tabs

To simplify client setup and enable universal configuration, AcuXDBC is configured via a configuration file rather than on each client machine during Data Source Name (DSN) setup.

Many of the options previously configured on the AcuODBC screens are now configured variables that you set in acuxdbc.cfg. This method allows you to use the same configuration file for the entire network by just pointing to the configuration file from each client's DSN setup screen.

Create a system catalog and load it with information from the XFD Not required for AcuODBC To provide greater relational database functionality, AcuXDBC refers to the system catalog to construct and display your Vision tables. After this loading phase, your XFDs are no longer needed by AcuXDBC. See General Setup Procedures for more information.
Set system security via SQL GRANT statement. Set system security via AcuAccess file The AcuAccess file and manager utility are no longer used with AcuXDBC. Instead, the SQL GRANT command and its variants are used to manage database security. See General Setup Procedures for more information.
Set up DSNs Set up DSNs

If you are migrating from AcuODBC, you need to create new DSNs. You accomplish this in generally the same manner in AcuXDBC; however, many of the variables that once appeared on the AcuODBC configuration screen now appear in the AcuXDBC configuration file (acuxdbc.cfg). This process allows for universal settings for DSNs and simplifies the process of setting up multiple clients in a network setting.

For large network installs, you can also create a .reg file and download the DSN information to your clients.