Finish Preparing Your Document

  1. Click Next on the Mail Merge task pane and continue preparing the body of your letter as needed.
  2. Place the cursor in your document where you want your customer data to appear and click More items on the Mail Merge task pane. The Insert Merged Field dialog box appears.
  3. Make sure the Database Fields radio button is selected. Click the field name you want to appear first in your document and click Insert. Click the next field you want and click Insert again. Repeat this process for each field that you want to add to your document. Once you have added all desired fields, close the Insert Merge Field dialog box.
    Note: This dialog box does not allow you to select multiple fields and insert them all at once. You must select and insert them individually.
  4. Format your fields as desired, then click Next on the Mail Merge task pane. The data corresponding to each field is displayed. Notice the options on the Mail Merge task pane to preview or edit your letters.
  5. When you are satisfied with your letters, click Next on the Mail Merge task pane.
  6. Click Edit Individual Letters on the Mail Merge task pane. The Merge to New Document dialog box appears. Consider your options for selecting which records to merge.
  7. Click All and then click OK. A new document containing individual letters for each record is created.
  8. Edit and save your letter document as you normally would. You can also save your original document containing the mail merge query and reuse it to create additional mail merge letters.
For more instructions on using Word's mail merge feature, see your Microsoft documentation.