Configuring Control Properties

By configuring the controls that you have added to your report, you can determine exactly how data appears in the final report output. An entry field holding price information, for example, can be configured to apply an edited monetary format to a numeric field. A label containing header information can be given a bold typeface.

Although the principle of assigning properties to a report control is similar to that of configuring screen control properties, there are some significant differences:

When you select a control on the report form, the Property window is updated to list the properties specific to that control. To change a property, click in the Value column. In some cases, you can type a new value in an entry field. In other cases, you can either select an option from a drop-down list or click a button (...) to open a secondary interface used to configure the property value.

More information about the report controls and their properties can be found in The Report Controls and Property Reference.