There are two kinds of pathnames used within tags:

Relative pathnames are interpreted relative to the current directory. Under BIS, the current directory is the directory that contains the .srf file being processed.

The current directory for the BIS Service Engine is set when the StartService tag is executed. If a .srf file is subsequently served from a different directory, the current directory of the already-started Service Engine is not changed. However, any relative pathnames in the new .srf file are still interpreted relative to the directory that contains that .srf file.

On BIS/IIS, pathname resolution within the BIS service program is affected by the APPLY_FILE_PATH, CODE_PREFIX, EXPAND_ENV_VARS, FILE_ALIAS_PREFIX, FILE_CASE, and FILE_PREFIX runtime configuration variables. (See section File Name Interpretation, in the ACUCOBOL-GT Users Guide for more information.) These may be used to great effect in service programs in conjunction with the SetEnv tag.