This keyword is given a numeric value that represents the colors used in error messages generated by the runtime system. Value is the arithmetic sum of the numbers representing the colors and other attributes used in error messages generated by the runtime system. The following color values are accepted:

Color Foreground    Background   
Black 1 32
Blue 2 64
Green 3 96
Cyan 4 128
Red 5 160
Magenta    6 192
Brown 7 224
White 8 256

You may specify other video attributes by adding the following values:

Reverse video    1024
Low intensity 2048
High intensity 4096
Underline 8192
Blink 16384   
Protected 32768

Only one foreground color and one background color may be specified. If either is missing, the corresponding default for the current terminal window is used. High intensity and low intensity may not both be specified. If neither is specified, the default intensity is used.

For example, to get a blinking white foreground on a blue background, you would specify:

(16456 = 8+64+16384)

The default value is 4096, which causes the error messages to use the current colors with a high-intensity foreground. The configuration variable SCRN_ERROR_COLOR is also supported.