Command Line Configuration

BIS is self-registering. Registration is performed by the XBIS.EXE program, which can be found in the installation directory (normally C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\extend x.x.x\AcuGT\bin ). Registration includes these three steps:

The server registration syntax is:

XBIS registration-options

The registration options are detailed below:

/REGSERVER Registers the Service Engine. Also registers the runtime system located in the same directory as XBIS.EXE.
/UNREGSERVER Unregisters the BIS Service Engine and the runtime system.
/SHOWSERVER Displays a dialog box that shows the location of the currently registered BIS and Service Engine.

The server registration option has three additional variations:

/REGSERVERQ Quietly registers the BIS Service Engine and the runtime system located in the same directory as XBIS.EXE. No confirmation dialog box is displayed .
/REGSERVERO Only registers the BIS Service Engine. The runtime system registration remains unchanged. This is useful if you want to install the runtime system in a directory separate from the BIS Service Engine.
/REGSERVERQO Combines the above two options.

The /REGSERVER and /REGSERVERQ options have an additional optional parameter: the pathname of the runtime system or the directory containing the runtime system. It is specified as in these examples:

1. /REGSERVER:pathname
2. /REGSERVERQ:pathname
3. /REGSERVER:directory
4. /REGSERVERQ:directory

If the pathname or directory is specified, the specified file or the server in the specified directory is registered and BIS does not search for the runtime system in the path.

If a directory is specified, it may end with a trailing backslash to differentiate it from a filename. Also note that if the specified name contains spaces, it must be surrounded by single or double quotes.