This variable relates to a correction made in version 8.1.2. In a Thin Client setup, an INQUIRE on a control that had been acted upon by the Layout Manager would always return the starting size and position. This behavior has been corrected.

To apply this fix turn on the runtime configuration variable ECN_3975 by setting it to TRUE or 1. The Default behavior is FALSE or 0.

Turning on this variable fixes the inquire problem, but may affect display behavior that was incorrectly "working" based on the previous incorrect size and position.

For example, you may have defined controls that were affected by the layout manager and also had variables that specified the position of the controls.

You then DISPLAY the control immediately after the resize of the screen.

The expected behavior is for the control position to not change since the DISPLAY should override the effect of the Layout manager.

However, since the previous size and position on the application host side was not updated, the thin client would not redraw the control. Not redrawing the control nullifies the effect of the DISPLAY statement. Turning on this configuration variable will now redraw the control based on the values in the position variables.