Use this configuration variable to help diagnose the cause of a failure during the run time shutdown process.

Set this configuration variable to FALSE (OFF, NO, 0) to see whether certain tests performed during shutdown eliminate a shutdown failure. If a failure reproduces when this variable is set to FALSE, then the fix implemented by ECN-3431 might resolve that issue when it is applied to an earlier release of ACUCOBOL-GT. In other words, if the crash does not reproduce with release 8.0.0 or later, then try SHUTDOWN_TESTS=FALSE.

If the crash then reproduces, it probably means that the problem can be resolved in an earlier release by patching in ECN-3431.

You can also use this configuration variable in conjunction with SHUTDOWN_FREES_PROGRAMS. If this variable is set to TRUE (ON, YES, 1), then all program memory is freed only if the main program is a COBOL program.