The Trace Query Parameter

If the QUERYPARAM option was specified in the Trace tag, it defines a query parameter that may be specified on the URL of a request by the client. If that query parameter is present, then its value will be parsed for trace options to use to configure the tracing. These options are, as with those specified by the Trace tag itself, persistent and will stay with the session until it completes, or a Trace tag or a trace query parameter alters it further.

For example, if the .srf contains the following tag:

{{ trace (QueryParam=ClientQuery) }}

Tracing will not occur for normal requests. However, the following request is made:


Page tracing will be turned on for the session, and tracing will be appended to the output for every subsequent request. See The BIS_TRACE_SUFFIX Environment Variable for another example.

Trace options set using the trace query parameter have the highest priority. Note that, for security, the query parameter cannot be used to set or clear IP restrictions or set the trace output directory.