Getting Started (Windows)

To successfully run an application through AcuToWeb, you need to configure both AcuConnect and AcuToWeb.

As long as all required components are installed and licensed correctly, you should be able to carry out the majority of the configuration from the AcuToWeb control panel.

Access the control panel in one of the following ways:

  • From the Extend Start Menu, click AcuToWeb Control Panel.
  • From the command prompt, type AcuToWeb and press Enter.
Note: You need to run the AcuToWeb control panel as an administrator.

The following steps aim to get you up and running using as an example one of the extend sample programs running through AcuToWeb:

  1. Start the AcuToWeb Control Panel and click the Access tab.
  2. Select the AcuAccess file in the etc directory and then create a new entry.
  3. Specify acutoweb for the Client Username and enter a valid user as the local user name.
  4. Click the Alias tab and select the acurcl.ini file in the etc directory.
    Note: If one is not present, create a new acurcl.ini file.
  5. Click New and type Tour as the alias name.
  6. Enter C:\Users\Public\Documents\Micro Focus\extend x.x.x\sample\acubench\object as the Working directory.
  7. Enter Tour.acu as the Command Line.
  8. Click the Services tab, select the service (default 5632), then click Start.
  9. On the Gateway Services tab, click the existing entry (8009) and then click Properties.
  10. Browse to and select the gateway.conf file in AcuToWeb\conf sub-directory of your product installation directory.
  11. On the Gateway Services tab, click Start to start the gateway.
  12. Open a browser and load one of the following URLs: or enter http://machine-name:3000.

    This starts the Gateway Connection Setup dialog box.

  13. Type Tour in the Alias field.
  14. Click Connect.

    The sample Tour program should appear in the browser.