AcuBench provides access to several of the ACUCOBOL-GT tools and utilities through the Tools menu. Most of these utilities have a default command-line interface, but AcuBench provides an additional graphical interface to each one. You access the graphical interface when you choose a utility from the Tools menu.

The tools and utilities accessed through the Tools menu include the following:

The first four utilities listed above (cblutil, vio, logutil, and vutil) are described in detail in Debugger and Utilities. The next three utilities (AXDEFGEN, NETDEFGEN, and xml2fd) are discussed in A Guide to Interoperating with ACUCOBOL-GT. The final utility, acu4glfd, is described in Working with COBOL.

This chapter offers an overview of the utilities available from within AcuBench, describing any AcuBench-specific behaviors of the tool. It does not give detailed information about the general capabilities or uses of each utility. See the appropriate document (listed above) if you need more information about the functionality provided by any utility.