This configuration variable specifies the type of font when using the -P PDF printing option.

The default value for the font type is BASE14.

Permissible values are:

Base 14 fonts are built into PDF, and all PDF viewer applications can display these. For a list of the Base 14 fonts you can specify, see PDF_FONT_NAME.
Type 1 is a format of outline fonts developed by Adobe. You need a Printer Font Binary file (.pfb) or Adobe Font Metrics file (.afm) to use this type of font, which you can specify using PDF_FONT_TYPE1_PFB or PDF_FONT_TYPE1_AFM respectively.
TrueType fonts use an external file to specify font characteristics. To specify the file, use PDF_FONT_TRUETYPE_TTF or PDF_FONT_TRUETYPE_TTC, depending on the type of file you have.