File Access Security

AcuServer allows users of Windows NT and Windows 2000 - 2008 networks to choose between the system security that AcuServer offers and the security features offered by their own operating system.

Note: On Windows 2008 it is essentially required that you use the operating system’s security methods. This is mainly due to a new security layer called User Account Control (UAC). Consult Windows Help for information on how UAC impacts file and program access.

By default, AcuServer system security is used to govern file access.

If you use AcuServer security, the AcuAccess and AcuAccess.vix files are used to establish user access privileges. Remember that these two files must be readable and writable by only Administrator and System or AcuServer will not start.

Note: If you experience a problem with file access, it can be helpful to give the users Full Control of the files and directories they need to use. After everything is working smoothly, reduce access to Read-Only if desired. However, be sure to test each program to make sure that everything continues to function as you expect with the reduced privileges.

If you prefer to use Windows security mechanisms (recommended), you may do so by setting the configuration variable SECURITY_METHOD in both the runtime configuration file and server configuration file. See Server Configuration Variables for more information about the SECURITY_METHOD configuration variable.

Note that if you decide to use Windows security instead of AcuServer system security, your users will have whatever permissions the system administrator has set up for them.