This command creates a permanent table.


CREATE TABLE table_name
   (column_name datatype (NOT NULL)
      (, column_name datatype (NOT NULL)) ...)
Keyword Description
table_name Name of the table to create
column_name Column name to create in the table; columns are created in the order you specify in this list
datatype Data type for the specified column; you must specify a valid data type for each named column to successfully create the table


AcuXDBC supports the creation of permanent base tables only. Tables contain one or more columns, which must be defined when you create the table. Thus, a table definition is a series of one or more comma-separated column definitions.

To define a column, you specify a column_name, a data type for the data in that column, and whether the data can be NULL or not.

The order of the columns in this statement determines their order in the table. A column definition must include the following:

  • The name of the column (the column must be named)
  • A data type that applies to all column values