XFD_DIRECTORY configuration variable

XFD_DIRECTORY tells the run time system the name of the directory that contains the XFD files built by the compiler. The default value is the current directory.


To tell the run time system that the XFDs are stored in the directory /usr/inventory/dictionaries, enter the following:

xfd–directory   /usr/inventory/dictionaries
Note: This variable is ignored if you have specified a search path for XFD files using the XFD_PREFIX configuration variable. XFD_PREFIX extends the functionality of XFD_DIRECTORY.

For information about the directive that tells the compiler where to put the XFDs, see the -Fx compiler option. Unless you have moved the XFD files, you should use the same value in XFD_PREFIX (or for XFD_DIRECTORY) that you used with the -Fx compiler option.