A_DB2_ALTERNATE_COMMIT_LOGIC configuration variable

The primary purpose of the configuration variable 4GL_COMMIT_COUNT is to provide for applications that must communicate with a transaction-oriented database but have not explicitly coded transactions into their COBOL application.

A_DB2_ALTERNATE_COMMIT_LOGIC determines how the interface responds to the setting of 4GL_COMMIT_COUNT.

Value Result
0 or FALSE (the default) The value of 4GL_COMMIT_COUNT is checked only at startup.

The interface issues a commit when the criteria set by 4GL_COMMIT_COUNT is met, regardless of the current transaction state

1 The value of 4GL_COMMIT_COUNT is checked after each WRITE, REWRITE, DELETE, or UNLOCK operation.

A commit is issued; however, only if the run time is not currently in a transaction



Each WRITE operation is committed to the database immediately. This prevents an application from being able to rollback a WRITE.