CALL "C$XML" USING CXML-GET-RAW-DOCTYPE, handle, new-encoding


CXML-GET-RAW-DOCTYPE Op-code 46. Numeric data item that specifies the operation to perform. Each operation is defined in acucobol.def, which is included with your system.
handle USAGE handle
new-encoding A pic x(n) or USAGE pointer data item

On Entry:

handle A parser handle.

On Exit:

new-encoding Filled in with the current raw doctype value. If it is shorter than the length of the current doctype, it will be truncated. If doctype is of type POINTER, you should include len (a numeric data item) as well and set it to the number of bytes allocated for doctype.
RETURN-CODE The return code is 0 if an error has occurred. The return code is positive if everything went correctly.