The ACUSQL_INCLUDE environment variable can be used in place of the -Pi option to specify multiple search directories for SQL INCLUDE files. ACUSQL_INCLUDE is defined in the environment. Directories are searched in the order specified, first to last. A semicolon (";") is used after each path except the last one. For example, to set ACUSQL_INCLUDE to search the current directory, the directory C:\SQL\LIBRARY, and the directory C:\COBOL\ESQL\LIBRARY, you would execute the following statement in the DOS shell or in "autoexec.bat":

SET ACUSQL_INCLUDE = ; C:\sql\library; C:\cobol\esql\library 

The initial semicolon indicates an empty directory path (i.e., the current directory). Note that when both -Pi and ACUSQL_INCLUDE are used, the -Pi option takes precedence.