Checking System Status

System status reports, which are available both from the command line (-info) and within the ACP, include both a list of all open files and the total number of files open for a particular instance of acuserve. Connections that do not have any open files are also listed.

Status reports contain the following sections:

Field Description
Client Identifies the client machine associated with the open file.
User Identifies the client user name associated with the open file.
PID The process ID of the client application on the client system. Because service requests originating on different clients may have the same PID, the command acuserve -unlock requires that the PID be qualified with a client name.
TY Indicates the type of open data file: (I)ndexed, (R)elative, (S)equential, (O)bject, or (F)ile.
FID A unique file process ID associated with each open file on the server (FIDs are guaranteed to be unique).
Opened   Shows the date and time that a file was opened. To see this field from the command line, you must use the -w option.
File Name Displays the name of the open file.

Note that the ACP includes statistics for servers that are controlled by the server that was queried in a master/slave relationship, but it does not indicate which file is open by which server. Rather, it lists all the files open by the master and its slaves.