The variables SERVER_IP and SERVER_NAME allow you to assign a specific IP address to an individual instance of the acuserve service/daemon. Use these variables when the server has two or more network addresses and you want to associate a particular network address with a given instance of acuserve.

To specify an IP address, include an entry for SERVER_IP in the configuration file and assign it the value of the desired IP address on the host. For example:

Note: If using IPv6 addresses, you must enclose the IP address in brackets when appending the port number or any additional notation; see AGS_USE_IPV6 for more information.

To specify a hostname, make an entry for SERVER_NAME in the configuration file and assign it the value of a valid hostname on the server. For example:

SERVER_NAME = bigserve

where bigserve is the hostname for IP address

If both variables are defined in the configuration file, acuserve uses the value of the first valid entry in the file.

By defining different values for these variables in separate server configuration files on the host and then specifying a particular configuration file when you start the acuserve daemon, you can associate a specific IP address/hostname with each instance of acuserve.