Server Licensing

AcuServer is shipped with a product code and product key that defines the licensing capabilities specified in your purchase agreement. When you supply your key information during installation, the Activator creates a license file encoded with the maximum number of acuserve instances allowed for your site. See License Files for Windows in the Getting Started Guide for details on the Activator license utility.

To confirm the number of instances supported on your server, log onto the server and enter:

acuserve  -v

If you require support for additional acuserve instances, you can easily update your license by contacting your Micro Focus extend sales representative.

If you are deploying your application with the ACUCOBOL-GT Web Runtime (an ActiveX component) and will be accessing your data via AcuServer, special licensing considerations apply. Specifically, unless your users have a local or network runtime license file installed, you must have a multiple-user ACUCOBOL-GT runtime license file on the server. You need to have a license file that can accommodate the total number of concurrent remote users that you anticipate. (If you anticipate 100 concurrent users, you need a 100-user runtime license file on the server in addition to the AcuServer license file.)

The runtime license file must be located in the same directory or folder as the acuserve executable and must be named runcbl.alc (on Windows systems, this requires that you make a copy of the Windows runtime license file, wrun32.alc, and name it runcbl.alc.) When an application running in the Web Runtime makes a service request, AcuServer notices that the request is from a Web Runtime connection and attempts to secure an authorization for the connection from the runtime license file. When a Web Runtime user disconnects from AcuServer by exiting the COBOL program, the authorization is released and made available to subsequent users. If the number of Web Runtime users exceeds the number of users allowed by the license file, the COBOL program receives a file status code 9D,105 and the following message is output to AcuServer’s error log:

You have exceeded the licensed number of clients for AcuServer. If you would like to add clients, please contact your customer service representative.

See A Programmer’s Guide to the Internet for more information on using the ACUCOBOL-GT Web Runtime with AcuServer.

Note: Nothing in this document is intended to amend the terms and conditions of the applicable license agreement between you and Micro Focus. Rather, this document is meant to summarize the various aspects of our licensing technology, which is required to operate AcuServer. The terms and conditions of your licensing of AcuServer shall continue to be governed by the applicable license agreement between you and Micro Focus.