Modifying a Record from the Command Line

Select option [3] from the access file utility main menu. The access file manager will present a series of prompts. The first two prompts ask for the client machine name and client user name, followed by a display of the matching record, as shown in the following example:

Enter official client machine name:  president-pc
Enter client user name:  diamond

Here is the record that was found:

Client machine name:  president-pc
Client user name   :  diamond
Local user name    :  
Password           :  <none>
Umask              :  002

The next three prompts allow you to change the local user name, the password, and the umask.

Do you want to modify the local user name [N]:
Do you want to modify the password [N]:
Enter a new umask [002]:

After the umask value is entered, the record is updated.

Record modified
Press <Return> to continue...