Start Status Codes

Whenever you try to start AcuServer, either by the acuserve -start command or the ACP, AcuServer returns a status to the operating system indicating success or failure. The way to get this status depends on your shell. When using the Bourne shell (or a compatible shell), echo $? to see the return status of any program executed from the shell.

The return codes are as follows:

Return Code Description
0 Success. AcuServer is running.
1 Invalid argument.
2 Missing license.
3 Expired license.
4 Unable to open the error log file.
5 Unable to open the configuration file (writable by other than root).
6 Unable to open the AcuAccess file (missing or writable by other than root).
7 Unable to create a child process.
8 Too many servers running.
9 Unable to create a socket, but the socket is used by something other than AcuServer.
10 AcuServer is already running on this port.