UNIX System Requirements

For UNIX platforms, AcuServer software is shipped on CDROM, 4 mm Dat, 8 mm tape, or cartridge tape in TAR format.

To install and use AcuServer:

What is the license file?

AcuServer is shipped with a product code and product key that define the licensing capabilities specified in your purchase agreement. When you supply your key information during installation, the Activator creates a license file that contains information such as the product’s version number, serial number, expiration date, and server count. After installation, AcuServer must be able to locate the license file to function.

AcuServer searches for the license file in the same directory as the executable, acuserve. The license file is named acuserve.alc.

If you move the AcuServer executable to a new directory, be sure to move a copy of the license file as well. If no license file is found, or if the information in the license file does not permit execution, AcuServer exits with an error message.

What is acushare?

The acushare utility is required for all installations that do not have an unlimited license. The acushare utility monitors and enforces the site license.