Generated COPY Files

Depending on the workbench tools used to develop the program, AcuBench may generate the following files:

  1. program.scr (screen COPY file), containing:
    • Screen section description entries
    • If needed, CHARACTER or GRAPHICAL syntax to distinguish between graphical and character-based screens with the same name
    • Syntax to support event procedures, exception procedures, and/or embedded (before/after) procedures, when defined.
  2. program.mnu (menu COPY file), containing menu bar descriptions and calls to W$MENU.
  3. program.evt (event and embedded procedure COPY file). This file contains code that you add in the Event Editor and code that AcuBench generates for event and exception handling. The portion of the code that is created by AcuBench does not appear in the Event Editor and is not intended for modification.
  4. program.prd (Procedure Division COPY file), containing:
    • Program initialization and exit routines
    • If one or more screens has been created in the Screen Designer, screen-handling routines
    • If a screen uses exception or termination values, an exception-processing routine.
  5. program.wrk (Working-Storage COPY file), containing:
    • Variables defined for control properties
    • Variables defined in the Working Storage Editor
    • When a data set is defined for the program, the file status data item
  6. program.lks (Linkage Section COPY file), containing variables defined in the Linkage Editor
  7. program.cbl, a source code file in which most code is generated between tag sets. This source file includes:
    • Attributes and comments from the Program Properties dialog
    • COPY statements for generated files