Controlling Code Generation

To refine your control over automated code generation, you can:

  1. Set code generation options in the Tools > Options > Code Generator dialog.
  2. Add or remove tag pairs from the program. The workbench cannot insert code into areas that are not tagged. If you remove a tag pair, AcuBench does not insert code in that area. Code generation is restored to an area if the tags are reinserted.

    You can control whether specific tag pairs are automatically generated or suppressed via the Tools > Options > Code Generator > Program Tag interface. For more information about this dialog, see Program Tag Options.

For information on the following facilities, see:

File Designer Chapter 8
Data Set Designer,

Working-Storage Editor,    

Linkage Editor

Chapter 10
Screen Designer Chapters 13 and 14
Event Editor Chapter 14

Note that to use these facilities, your program must have a program structure file. If you want AcuBench to generate COPY statements into the program file, you must update your program to include AcuBench tags.