Project Directories

When you create a project, you can change the name of any project subdirectory. You can choose to omit a subdirectory altogether (by making that entry field blank). To modify or eliminate a subdirectory for an individual project during project creation, click the More Info button on the File > New > Project dialog box.

You can also change the base directory structure used for all new AcuBench projects in the Tools > Options interface under Environment > Prefix. Changes to the Working directories area affect the names of the directories used to hold the different sorts of files associated with a project by default. For more information, see Prefix Options.

Note that renaming or eliminating a subdirectory does not change the name of the corresponding folder in the Workspace window. However, the logical link between the Workspace folder and the corresponding directory is updated so that the correct related files are displayed.

If you change a name or eliminate a directory, you may need to adjust some of your project settings.

Note: For more information about %objectdir%, %listdir%, and similar macros, see Prefix Options.